Atelier Polus

Atelier Polus was established in 2023 by Blazej Norbert Polus. We are a young company full of passion and hope.

In our work we focus on a integral and inclusive approach to architecture. Every design starts with understanding the needs of our client, as well as the requirements of the community.

We strongly believe that sustainability is one of the greatest challenges of our times.

The title of the most progressive creators does not belong to those creating according to the classical canons, nor the futuristic formulas, but to those who after picking up the thread dropped by the Egyptian priests, by Romanesque monastery monks, by gothic cathedral masons, by Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Blondel, Corazzi, Marconi, will deeply understand the latest artistic achievements, and will produce new forms, using the possibilities of modern technology… Only architecture in this form has nowadays the right to life, but not the one, which semblances modernity, yet is full of rotted blood in it veins. And not the one which resembles classical architecture. After breaking the external modernistic decorations, a bare, gawky skeleton will remain, having nothing to do with modernity, exactly as after breaking the external baroque, or empire decorations, a bare, gawky skeleton will remain, having nothing to do with classicism.

Szymon Syrkus, 1925

Our philosophy

We design for people and communities

Every projects considers the needs of the client and of the community in first place. The design process is made as transparent to the involved parties as possible. We design for people and with people.

We care about details, technical solutions and materials

We believe a good design requires a deep understanding of the technical aspects. We work with details and materials from a very early stage of each project, in fact seeing it as a powerful design tool.

We believe in research

Architecture does not only mean design. In order to overcome all the challenges of our times we see every project as a opportunity to participate in a wider, ongoing discussion. We try to challenge the definitions of sustainability, possibilities of materials, and understand the influence of architecture on everyday life.

There is no ecological architecture, no intelligent architecture and no sustainable architecture – there is only good architecture.

There are always problems we must not neglect. For example, energy, resources, costs, social aspects – one must always pay attention to all these.

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Our offer

Architectural design
Adaptive reuse

Interior design

Technical consulting


Blazej Norbert Polus

Founder/ Lead Architect

Blazej N. Polus perceives architecture as an interdisciplinary endeavor, demanding a comprehensive grasp of spatial, social, technical, and design-related inquiries in order to address them effectively.

Hailing from an international background, he has practiced architecture in diverse locations including Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, and, since 2018, China.

Blazej graduated with honors from the Technical University in Vienna (Austria), in the major architecture, obtaining both a bachelor of science and master of science degree. Prior to establishing his own studio in 2023, he gained experience working with reputable firms such as Bongiana Architetture (Padova, Italy), Architekturbüro Andrzej Kapuscik (Vienna, Austria), Urban Development Design (Taicang+Dalian, China), and Neir&Hu (Shanghai, China).

Wilson completed his architecture studies at the University of the Arts and University College in London. He acquired valuable experience through professional engagements at esteemed offices such as Kris Yao Artech (Taipei) and Neri&Hu (Shanghai).

Joining Atelier Polus in 2023, Wilson brings together his distinct international background and design passion. He assumes responsibility for European projects within Atelier Polus.

Wilson Wang

Associate Architect